Leslie Stone, LMFT


I work with individuals and couples in Roseville and Sacramento to help them experience freedom in their lives and relationships. My approach is to focus on self-acceptance and self-awareness; both of which lead to authentic change.



Couples therapy, generally involves improving communication, reducing conflict, and increasing emotional connection and intimacy. The overall goal, in large part, is for each partner to get as much of what they want and need, as possible. Understanding the other person’s perspective, listening attentively, and speaking kindly are vital components in a healthy relationship. I can assist you in seeing more clearly the depth and quality of your relationship, which can in turn result in you and your partner having greater emotional connection.


Individuals going through stressful life transitions, difficult losses, or traumatic experiences need a place of containment, support, and clear direction. Whether you are struggling with a relationship, going through a divorce, experiencing chronic stress, or just feeling the all too common confusion of having lived your life for everyone else, I can help you put the pieces together and create a life that works for you.


Families need help in understanding one another and keeping the lines of communication open. Usually, the problem is not an issue of lack of love for one another, but rather an inability to see what children and parents need from each other. I can help you improve your understanding of what other family members need and help you to problem solve around the differences and conflict that you are experiencing.

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